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D.G.Trade trades various types of wheat such as soft milling wheat, hard winter and durum for human consumption. Most of its clients are wheat flour manufacturers in Iran.

During last year D.G.Trade has imported 6 x 60,000 Mt wheat from Countries in Black sea region such as Germany


D.G.Trade intends to export wheat flour to countriesborder Iran such as Afghanistan.


D.G.Trade trades feed corn from the world’s leading corn producing regions such as Argentina, Russia and Ukraine for animal consumption in Iran.


D.G.Trade trades feed barley for human and animal consumption. With a highly qualified commercial and logistics team, we guarantee the best raw materials for our clients.

Soy bean

D.G.Trade import soy bean and soybean meals from South American countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina

Rapeseed Oils

Wehave done a comprehensive research onhow to acquire the required licenses toimport and transport different types of oils to Iran, mainlyrefined andcrudevegetableoilssuch as sunfloweroil, soybeanoil, rapeseedoil and cornoil.